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DESCRIPTION INTRODUCING VOODOO JUICE PLUS… THE BRAIN-DEAD SIMPLE WAY TO RAISE YOUR BUD WEIGHT FOR JUST 5 CENTS A GALLON! Most seasoned growers know that bigger roots equal bigger fruits. And the best way to increase root mass is by introducing beneficial microbes into your grow. However… Those root-boosting benefits don’t come without a price. To colonize your root zone, you have to… Purchase multiple products (not all bacteria can co-exist in the same bottle) Stay chained to liquid solutions Sacrifice specific bacteria to stay within budget… Or rely on generic microbial products that do little to nothing to raise your bud weight. Which is why the Advanced Nutrients team sought out… A CONVENIENT, COMPREHENSIVE AND COST-EFFECTIVE WAY TO UNLOCK THE FULL POTENTIAL OF MICROBES FOR PROFITABLE, HIGH-YIELDING CANNABIS CROPS Imagine unleashing an entire ecosystem of beneficial bacteria and fungi into your root zone… Watching your roots transform into a thick, muscular highway… And harvesting fat, ripe, potent buds… WithOUT wasting time mixing, measuring, or pouring… For a TINY FRACTION of the price you’d have to pay for Advanced Nutrients’ full liquid microbial line. This is exactly what you can expect from… VOODOO JUICE PLUS… A brain-dead simple way to unleash 10 billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria and fungi to your crop… All in one 3-in-1 quick-dissolving tablet. Advanced Nutrients’ world-class microbiologists hand-selected the 16 strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi in Voodoo Juice Plus for their proven compatibility with cannabis… And when you put it to work for you and your grow… You’re going to transform a sterile root zone into a lively ecosystem brimming with activity for profitable, high-yielding cannabis crops. What’s more, you’re getting ALL the benefits of Voodoo Juice®, Piranha®, and Tarantula® in one cost-effective tablet… SLASHING THE MSRP FROM $1.21 TO JUST 5 CENTS A GALLON That’s right. Now you can… Boost essential-oil rich biomass Pump up roots for optimal nutrient absorption… opening the floodgates to gigantic harvests Sheathe root tips and build mycelia, extending roots to capture and solubilize locked-up nutrients Fix atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available ammonia, stopping nitrogen deficiencies in their tracks Penetrate root membranes, ensuring critical nutrition reaches the deepest pockets of your plants for vigorous vegetative growth and productive flowering Develop a vibrant, healthy, efficient rhizosphere free of harmful debris Make iron—a vital micronutrient for thriving cannabis— and other essential nutrients more available to your crops… and even convert inorganic or locked-out forms of these nutrients into absorbable nutrition… ALL WHILE MAXIMIZING ECONOMIES OF SCALE AND REALIZING GREATER RETURNS FROM EVERY RUN And if all that wasn’t enough, Voodoo Juice Plus offers a seamless delivery experience; each 1 gram tablet mixes easily and dissolves completely when added to your nutrient reservoir. The bottom line is this… If you want to increase bud weight with the highest quality microbes on the market… And at the lowest possible price… Then Voodoo Juice Plus is hands down the best solution for your grow.


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