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Stabilizing pH is crucial for happy plants. Aeromixer makes it easy.

Aeromixer is a pump made specifically for growers, by growers, with a dual purpose: to mix nutrients and aerate feeding solutions with just one pump. Aeromixer makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives.

Every garden needs a superhero…

Call upon Aeromixer to save the day! Keep your nutrients mixed and SMASH sediment in the face! Don’t get caught with a cheap sump pump doing your dirty work… That would be embarrassing…

But in all seriousness…

Aeromixer replaces all your old pumps and airstones in one easy unit. Don’t let old school methods keep you from upgrading today!

Technical Specifications:

3/4 horsepower motor
Patented Aerojet Technology
Pulls 6.2 amps
Pumps at up to a 35 ft. lift
Moves 4,450 gallons per hour
Pumps up to 1/4 inch solids
Easily mixes tanks from 50-500 gallons
Effective in tanks up to 3,000 gallons
Nominal Voltage: 115V/60HZ
Output Power: 3/4 HP
Motor Full Load: 6.2A
Protection Type: IPX8
Max Height: 40 ft.
Max Submersion Depth: 17 ft.
Max Conveying Amount: 4450 GPH
Max Fluid Temperature: 95℉
Aerojet with heavy duty braided nylon air hose
Aeromixer 3/4 HP pump
Powder coated stabilized footing
Stainless steel mounting screws
Detailed instruction manual
Garden hose adapter
Universal cut to fit adapter
Nylon lowering rope
NOTE: Aeromixer is not suitable for Flexi-Tanks


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