Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost, 1 cu ft


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Quoddy Blend™ Lobster Compost

Quoddy Blend™ Organic Lobster Compost is hand-crafted to offer you what we believe is THE BEST composted soil for maintaining gardens, beds, and borders. It’s also a great base for over-seeding and repairing lawns. It is a naturally lightweight, dark, rich soil made from lobster and crab shells, composted manure, sphagnum peat moss, and lime. The lobster we use comes from the cold, dark waters of the Downeast coast of Maine and the Bay of Fundy. Lobster shells are a rich source of calcium and chitin, and make an exceptional addition to this all-purpose soil amendment.

Made with: Lobster and crab shells, composted cow manure, sphagnum peat moss, and composted bark

OMRI Listed for Organic Use
All-purpose soil amendment improves and revitalizes soil
Assists in plant vigor and disease resistance
Rich in calcium and chitin
Ideal for conditioning all garden beds
Great for vegetables, flowers & lawns
No Bio-Solids, municipal or home waste


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