Cutting Edge Solutions Amplified Cal-Mag, 1 qt


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Amplified Cal-Mag™

The solution when plants demand elevated levels of calcium and magnesium above those provided by
base nutrients or native soil. Accelerated grow environments and genetic composition of plants may
demonstrate a need for adjuvant supplements of secondary nutrients. Amplified Cal-Mag™ from Cutting
Edge Solutions offers a simple all-in-one, calcium, magnesium, and iron supplement that is pH
stable and safe for all plants. Apply any time necessary from seedling stage through harvest.

pH stable calcium and magnesium with additional iron in one formula
Perfectly balanced ratio of calcium to magnesium for ideal uptake
Amplify fruit size and cell strength in your plants
Economical and easy to use, may be foliar applied

Guaranteed analysis:
3.2% Calcium
1.2% Magnesium
2.0% Nitrogen
0.1% Iron


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