DYNOMYCO® granules Mini Pouch 100g (3.5 oz)


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DYNOMYCO -Support Plant Health:
DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal
inoculants will protect your
plants from environmental
stress and allow them to
thrive in various growing
condi,ons. -Improve Plant Nutrient
DYNOMYCO’s beneficial

fungi help your plant ab-
sorb more nutrients. The

fungi latch onto the plant

roots and effec,vely ex-
tend them to access nutri-
ents otherwise unavailable

to the plant. -Maximize Plant Poten’al:

DYNOMYCO is highly con-
centrated, containing large

amounts of endomycorrhi-
zal propagules which help

your plants realize their
full poten,al in terms of
yields and overall plant
health. -Grounded in Science:
DYNOMYCO is based on 30

years of research. We un-
derstand mycorrhizal fungi

and the great impact they
have on cannabis plants.


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