Lebanon® roots® 25lb M-ROOTS® 3-3-3 Biological Plant Food


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A granular blend of the natural organic ingredients in dryROOTS® plus 18 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizae. M-ROOTS® should be used on all plantings in disturbed or poor soil, including new construction and foundation plantings. M-ROOTS® is added insurance for all valuable trees and shrubs. Features 1% water soluble N and 2% water insoluble N, as well as 8% calcium, 0.8% magnesium and 1% iron. dryRoots is formulated from composted poultry manure, ferrous sulfate and potassium sulfate. It also includes sea kelp, humus, vitamins B, C and E, myo-inositol and amino acids.


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