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NugSmasher -Extraction Bags-3.5 Gram – 160 micron


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PREMIUM EXTRACTION BAGS Double back stitched extraction bags 1.8″ x 3″ 3.5 Gram Qty: 12 Bags Size of the bag determines 2 things SIZE 3.5 Gram, 7 Gram, X Bags, 14 Gram 1- (HOW MUCH MATERIAL) can be loaded in each bag 3.5 Gram bags will take 2.5-4.5 grams 7 Gram bags will take 3.5-10 grams X Bags will take 3.5 to 14 grams 14 Gram bags will take 7-18 grams 2- (HOW MUCH PRESSURE) the extracted surface area size that determines How much material pressure should be applied to your extraction for consistent results. 3.5 Gram bags have a surface area of 1.76 in² 7 Gram bags have a surface area of 3.14 in² X Bags bags have a surface area of 3.4 in² 14 Gram bags have a surface area of 4.9 in² ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE BASED ON THE EXTRACTION BAGS BEING USED (BTS) Bottle Tech Style (HOW TO CHOOSE MICRON) MICRON SIZE 160,120,90,37 Micron Sizes can be chosen based on the type of material and condition of the material 160 Micron for flower real fresh Sticky 68-75% humidity 120 Micron for flower not real fresh starting to crumble 64-67% humidity 90 Micron for flower dry breaking apart 63% humidity or less 37 Micron for Sift, Kief, Hash and/or Isolate For more details about loading Bottle-Tech and/or Barrel-Tech style (BTS) Visit Nugsmasher on YouTube.


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