Phantom Dial-A-Watt Digital Ballast, 250W/400W, 120/240V


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The Phantom PHB2040 Digital Ballast was developed from our popular Phantom II ballast line. It retains all of the reliability and engineering superiority of the Phantom II models and adds 250W/400W switching capability as well as three-way output control, making it highly versatile. Output wattage is selected using a recessed switch on the rear panel.

Like the Phantom II ballasts, the PHB2040 is totally silent, energy efficient, reliable, and lightweight. Its industry-leading Smart Alert Technology utilizes a 32 MHz fully integrated microprocessor to keep your setup running smoothly.

The Phantom PHB2040 has built-in hot re-strike programming to protect the lamp and ballast in the event of a temporary loss of power. The ballast will not attempt to restart a hot lamp for at least 15 minutes.

Smart Alert Technology
High-precision microprocessor control
High efficiency
Totally silent operation
Versatile 250W/400W output
Multi-input voltage (120?240V)
Ignition voltage control
Three-way dimming feature: Dim (85%), Standard (100%), and Boost (110%)
Intelligent lamp ignition and power control
LED indicators
Intelligent lamp detection
End-of-life lamp protection and indication
Current sense intelligent startup
Precision thermal controls alert the user to high heat and overheat conditions
Dual lamp receptacle—works with all common reflectors
Internal RF shielding
Generator ready

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Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 × 9 × 3.4 in


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