SG Lite Ballast, 600W HPS


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Get more ballast for your buck with the SG ballast, which is light on price but heavy on features. Experience the power of a ballast straight out of Hydrofarm’s value line. This ballast is built to last with a patented design that allows electrical contact to happen only when a seal is achieved. The SG ballast offers a compact design, to save space in the grow room, and a water-resistant seal to protect against misting and sprays. All SG ballasts also feature an exclusive Lock & Seal plug system, with recessed contacts to ensure safety during plug-in; a unique, circular prong pattern for secure electrical contact; and a collar that protects against accidental electrical contact. Choose an SG ballast for its 120V/240V capability (power cord included) or for peace of mind—the SG has been CSA certified.

Exclusive Lock & Seal Plug System

The unique pin configuration and the recessed receptacle design offer convenience, safety, and a water-resistant seal. This design allows electrical contact to happen only when a seal is achieved, guaranteeing the user’s safety and preventing premature ballast failure that can occur in other brands due to inferior plug designs.


Compact design
120V/240V capable
Low cost
Power cord included

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Weight 26.6 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 6.3 × 7.9 in


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