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Simply Silica improves the plant’s natural resistance to environmental stresses, including heat, drought, and salt stress commonly caused by heavy nutrient use. Use Simply Silica consistently with every feeding for best results.
Simply Silica (0-0-0.5)
Premium Potassium Silicate Supplement

Simply Silica is a premium silicon product derived from potassium silicate, allowing the plant to absorb and deposit silicon into the plant’s cellular walls. This provides reinforcement to the structure and rigidity of the plant.

Simply Silica contains purely potassium silicate, a readily available form of potassium and silicon for the plant without causing salt burn or build-up like similar silicate products.

Guaranteed Analysis
Soluble Potash (K2O)………………………..…………….. 0.5%

Non-Plant Food Ingredients
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)………………………………………………….. 2.0%

Application Instructions:
Use Simply Silica as a soil drench or foliar spray once a week from the start of vegetative growth throughout flowering and fruiting. Remember, Simply Silica is designed to supplement your existing nutrient program, not replace it.

Soil Drench or Reservoir Use:
Use 1 tsp. (5 mL) of Simply Silica for each gallon of water or 8.3 oz (250 mL) for 50 gallons of water. Stir well and apply as a soil drench. Simply Silica is reservoir safe, will not clog drippers and compatible with most hydroponic systems.

Foliar Spray on Fruits and Vegetables:
Use 1 tsp. (5 mL) of Simply Silica for each gallon of water. Stir well and apply with a pump up sprayer or fogger. Drench foliage, underside and top of canopy until runoff. Simply Silica is compatible with most wetting agents. Use as often as 2 times weekly as a foliar spray.

Area Application:
Use 0.15 oz (5 mL) of Simply Silica per 1000 sq. ft. as a foliar spray or 2.5 oz (75 mL) per 1000 sq. ft. to irrigate the soil. Make 4 – 6 applications; first application when plants are young and throughout the vegetative growth stage, during flowering, and frequently during the fruiting stage. For best results, use regularly and make first application from the start of plant growth.

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