Vermicrop VermiSoil Premium Potting Mix, 1.5 cu ft


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VermiSoil is designed as a complete potting soil for heavy fruiting and flowering plants.

VermiSoil’s diverse fibrous content stems from Grower’s White Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, high quality coco coir and Vermicrop’s own CocoNot. Vermicrop built on that base with their core humic ingredients: VermiGreen (thermophilic compost), VermiWorm (Eisenia Foetida worm castings) and Alaskan Humus. These fundamental organic materials are also found in VermiBlend and VermiT Solution.

Similar to their amendment and microbial tea they fortify the mix with fossilized kelp and inoculate with endo/ectomycorrhizae. Other ingredients include oyster flour, greensand, feather meal, blood meal, bone meal and bat guano.


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