Xtrasun CMh Lighting System, 315W, 4200K


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If you want a quality 315W ceramic metal halide system at an affordable price, the new Xtrasun CMh systems are the ticket. These kits combine our XT315AW reflector and cordset with an XTE3150 CMh ballast and premium 315W lamp to create a highly effective horticultural lighting system.

The XTE3150 CMh ballast features low frequency, square wave technology and multi-aspect protection circuitry. It is also versatile, as it allows use with 120V, 208V, and 240V input voltages.

The XT315AW reflector features multifaceted 95% European hammertone aluminum, which gives excellent light uniformity and diffusion and provides consistent delivery of the 315W ceramic halide lamp’s excellent color spectrum and PAR output.


Excellent PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux): 1.95 µmol/s
Longevity—90% PAR output at 8,000 hours and 20,000-hour average life
Horticulturally-optimized spectrum and increased UV promote enhanced plant quality
Ushio 4200K 315W ceramic metal halide lamp included
Double-jacketed CMh lamp does not require reflector safety lens
Digital ballast features low frequency, square wave technology
Multi-voltage: 120/208/240V
Ideal for low ceilings/tents/vertical gardens
95% reflective European hammertone aluminum specular


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